Portable Geo-specific Water Filtration Bottle
Project Description :

Potable water contamination is a very serious problem for the world. since water influences the global ecology as well as the economic environment, its availability is being considered as prime parameters in developing and first world nations. availability of clean water acts as a buffer for human and industrial economic immune system. current problems of potable water scarcity are now very severe and affect approximately 780 million people worldwide. earth has only 3 % of the total amount of water as fresh water, with its bulk in the pack ice of the arctic and antarctic. the resources of fresh water, being ground water, lake, river & canal water etc., is getting contaminated by anthropogenic activities, mainly being metals, bacterial, pesticides and organic contaminants. such contaminants differ based on geographical, agricultural and industrial activities of a location. the water purifiers available in the market are designed for a generalized set of contaminants and fail to address the special requirements of each region. here we are presenting an affordable, personal water purifier bottle, hereafter referred to as a device, which is capable of removal of geo-specific contaminants and can be used and carried by an individual. this invention relates to a geo-specific water filtration device. the water filtration device consists of four apparatus; a reusable pre-filter for particulate removal, hollow fiber membranes for microfiltration & ultra-filtration, nano-composites for geo-specific contaminant removal, silver nanoparticle decorated coconut charcoal for biocidal performance as well as organic contaminant removal and a bellow pump to develop the required pressure in the feed water container.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Dec 30,2016
  • Innovator : Ramesh Kumar
  • Team Members : Anupam Chandra
  • Guide Name : Prof. Thalappil Pradeep
  • University : Indian Institutes of Technology Madras
  • Submission Year : 2017
  • Category : Nano Science and Engineering
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