New Generation Periscope Fruit Picking Device
Project Description :

Fruits and vegetables are important supplements to the human diet. the production of fruit and vegetables during 2006-07 as per the data available with the national horticulture board (nhb) is 58.92 and 116.03 million tonnes, respectively. but sadly, at least 50% of the produced fruits and vegetables in the country are lost due to wastage and value destruction. on the basis of general post harvest loss estimates available with the icar, the estimated extent of annual post harvest losses as per cent of the produce, along with their estimates in rupees are: for fruits, the losses are about 30 per cent valued at rs 13,600 crores and for vegetables, the losses are about 30 per cent valued at rs 14,100 crores. after a proper analysis of the post harvest losses of fruits we came across the most probable cause for the losses encountered is the untimely harvesting before proper maturation of the fruits and the harvesting of damaged fruits along with the good ones and storing them together. as a rule of harvesting, fruits should be picked when mature, yet hard, with a mature skin colour but a hard flesh. then they are sorted based on sizes, colours and texture and any fruit that have insect erosion or signs of disease should be removed. it’s very important to sort the apples prior to storage as one bad fruit can literally cause an entire batch to spoil. but all these rules are not possible to be followed with the kinds of harvesting equipments available till date. as a result, a major part of the production is lost due to mismanagement. the general structure of the primitive hand picking harvesting tool which is used till date includes an aluminium rod of variable length with an attached picker at its end. but for harvesting fruits growing on moderate to tall sized trees like apple, mangoes, berries etc with these tools it is difficult for the harvester to determine the condition of the fruit high up on the tree from the ground level. the post harvest losses can be minimised to a great extent if the harvesters can see the condition of the fruits on the trees before picking them. although a lot of efforts have been put up by the government to increase the overall fruit production, the problems with the traditional harvesting tools still remain. thus, keeping in mind the above problem, we have design optimised the old tool structure to a modified version that will enable the harvesters to see the fruit condition before picking them. we have incorporated the idea of a periscope inside a fruit picker. the periscope is designed in such a way that it gives a complete view of the fruit so that the harvesters can decide if the fruit has ripened or not. in addition to it, the device has a fruit cutting mechanism which is controlled by a lever placed just beside the handle. the rod in the device is made up of carbon fibre rods placed in a telescopic fashion. this allows flexible height adjustment of the rod according to the fruit height on the tree. the design is simple, yet elegant, convenient to use and handle, does not require much technological knowledge, cost effective, easy to manufacture and provides a great loss minimisation in the long run. this product is mainly targeted to help those sectors of the society who are still used to with the traditional old methodologies and equipments and have not yet been exposed to the highly advanced technical automated robotic machineries on which current researches are going on abroad.

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  • Date : Nov 28,2017
  • Innovator : TANIA DUTTA
  • Guide Name : None
  • University : Birla Institute of Technology & Science
  • Submission Year : 2018
  • Category : Agricultural Engineering
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