A Mechanism For Toilet Seat Sanitation
Project Description :

We have developed a simple, purely mechanical device to ensure the sanitation and cleaning of the toilet seat by the push of a foot pedal which can be implemented as an add-on to the existing toilet structure. the mechanism consists of three parts. 1) a lifting mechanism: a foot pedal lifts the seat, as seen in dustbin lids. 2) a spraying mechanism: when the seat reaches its apex position, a nozzle is automatically pressed, spraying a sanitizing liquid onto the seat. there are five such nozzles, thus ensuring that the entire seat is sterilized. 3) a wiping mechanism: the wiper is a rod attached with a removable sponge, located at the back end of the seat, so that it does not encumber the user. when the foot pedal is pressed, the seat is lifted and the wiper is lifted along with the seat until it reaches the front edge, thus cleaning the seat of any dirt or water left by the previous user. then the spray heads attached to the lid of the seats are pressed and spray a sanitizing liquid on the seat. when the pedal is released the seat returns to its base position under the influence of gravity, and the wiper moves back, along the seat, to its initial position at the back end of the seat thus ensuring that the spray is uniformly spread and wiped across the seat, completely sterilizing it. the advantages of this mechanism over currently implemented methods (such as disposable seat covers, sanitary wipes, sanitary sprays and uv light) are: 1) low cost: we estimate that the device will cost less that inr 1000 to manufacture and set up 2) universality: the device is an add on to the existing toilet structure. it can be fitted onto any existing toilet. 3) no chance of theft: as the device is clamped onto the toilet seat and lid, it cannot be stolen easily. 4) usability: this device does not require an instruction manual to be operated. all one must do is press the foot pedal. thus, this device provides a low cost, user friendly, touch free and electricity free method of sanitizing and cleaning the toilet seat by the simple push of a foot pedal.

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Project Details :
  • Date : Dec 21,2016
  • Innovator : Arvind Pujari
  • Team Members : Arvind Pujari,Tanay Garg,Shashwat Jain,Kushal Kumar Reddy DVSS,Subham K Sahana
  • Guide Name : Dr. Anil Prabhakar
  • University : Indian Institutes of Technology Madras
  • Submission Year : 2017
  • Category : Others
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